This contemporary Berlin outfit’s musikalische klänge is so perfectly informed by the bare-knuckled scrappers of the Neue Deutsche Welle fringe that one might half-expect to find a matrix for Pure Freude, Rondo or Moderne Musik Tontrager scratched into the runoff. But, no, it’s here, it’s now, and it’s the first German release ever on Siltbreeze. If the frenzied staccato of S.Y.P.H., Das Name or Mittagspause is what helps goose the lederhosen up the legs, then Die Schacht’s gurgling oink is the perfect lube to slap them around the hips. Pressed in an edition of 300 copies.  “... a solid chunk of head-shrieking metronomics smothered in bassy transits and overwrought in thirsty shards (or should that be barbs) of pylon guitar. A rhythmically sharp and feisty beast, with that transistorised megaphone of vox hooking you into to some uber-addictive rockstar mimicry... intimately lit and full of quirky angles ending on a screamed abruptness.” —Rottenmeats blog